Sweetheart Deal Initiative

Text of proposed citizen initiative for the November 2017 ballot:

WHEREAS, the City of Tacoma Municipal Code at 12.10.400 reads: “The standard charge for water supplied inside and outside the City for residential, commercial/industrial, parks and irrigation, and public facilities use shall consist of a customer charge, also termed a “monthly ready to serve charge,” based on the meter size together with the rate for the quantity of water used.”

WHEREAS, new contracts have been entered into as per TMC 12.10.400 (H); and

WHEREAS, the water rates are reviewed every two years for market rate adjustments; and

WHEREAS, the contracts as per TMC 12.10.400 (H) shall have water service available with rates as per the large water rate schedule as provided for in the TMC 12.10.400; and

WHEREAS, the City of Tacoma Charter provides for Initiative and Referendum rights which provides the city’s citizens the right to place this ordinance before the voters;

Therefore be it ordained by the voters in the City of Tacoma:

That Section H of Tacoma Municipal Code Title 12 is hereby deleted, which will end water utility service special contracts. Those customers using large amounts of fresh water daily from the City of Tacoma will have water rates equal to all other large water users.

This Initiative shall be known as

“Stop Secret Sweetheart Water Deals Ordinance” :

TMC 12.10.400 (H)

H. Special Contracts. The Superintendent, with the approval of the Board, shall have the right to enter into contracts for periods up to 20 years where service conditions are extraordinary; provided, that such contracts shall contain applicable rates as adopted by the Board and the City Council.

SEVERABILITY.  Invalidity or unenforceability of one or more provisions of this Initiative shall not affect any other provision of this Initiative. If possible, any unenforceable provision within this Initiative will be modified to reflect the sponsor’s original intention.

Effective Date. This code initiative ordinance shall take effect fifteen (15) days after; either adoption or election certification. The City shall not enter into any contracts with any entities for water utility service  between the adoption or election and the effective date of this Ordinance.