Places to Petition

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods – Wal-Mart every day from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, Fred Meyer, Safeway & Metropolitan Market

Below is a list of good places to go in Tacoma. No permission required as signature collecting can be done anywhere on public sidewalks or in public parks.

Proctor Farmers Market
Saturdays 9-2
N 27th & Proctor

Broadway Market
Thursdays – 10-3
Beginning May 5th
Between 9th & 11th

Eastside Farmers Market
Wednesdays – 3-7
Beginning June 1st
1708 East 44th Street

6th Avenue Market
Tuesdays – 3-7
Beginning June 7th
Corner of 6th & Pine

Proctor Post Office – 8-9 & 5-6

Point Defiance Zoo Saturdays and Sundays from 10 – 2

Ruston Way Saturdays and Sundays when people are walking

Point Defiance Ferry terminal, bus stops, park and rides, movie lines, entrances to city and county buildings, libraries public sidewalks

Grocery Stores
Always introduce yourself to the store manager. Let the manager know you will only ask customers as they leave the store. As folks enter a store, simply greet them with a smile and say hello. Ask folks as they leave if they would like to sign. If you ask folks as they enter and leave the store, you will most likely ask the same person twice to sign and they will not be happy about that. Also. by asking only as they leave, those who oppose our efforts will be less likely to complain once inside the store. Be extremely polite, dress professionally (neat and tidy appearance is mandatory) and carry the packet of information with you provided when you were retained to do this work.

Cheney Stadium on game days

Below, find old flyers and photos from our petition collecting efforts.

Save the Date Volunteers ad TWWe had a wonderful day of collecting signatures at the Jr. Daffodil Parade. Please join us at one of our next events, or call Donna to volunteer with other campaign needs, like making phone calls to those who have signed the petition and indicate they want to help further. So, if you have time to do something like that, give Donna a jingle.

Jr. Daffodil Photos

Save the Date Volunteers daffodil2

Save the Date Volunteers2