Water Is Life Benefit Free Concert

swiss-fundraiser-slim-jim-freeJOIN STW FOR THIS FREE EVENT

Enjoy an afternoon of good music, good food and good conversation.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM  at The Swiss,1904 Jefferson Ave • Tacoma

It is totally free to join us. However, please be forewarned that this is a fundraiser and our supporters have donated some really cool items – you just may be tempted to part with a few bucks! During the event, we will be asking for donations for raffle tickets and door prize tickets. What is the difference? The raffle tickets are donations from supporters who want a chance at winning one of the three top prizes, but cannot attend. The suggested donation for a raffle ticket is $10 and $5 for students. Make a donation for a raffle ticket to support Save Tacoma Water and our efforts to protect our water. Your donation is for a chance to win a cool raffle prize – no need to attend the event to win! The door prizes are numerous and range in value from $20 to $100 and a donation of $2.00 gets you a chance to win one of them. These raffle tickets will only be available at the event. If you are feeling lucky, we are giving out 3 tickets for a $5 donation, 7 tickets for a $10 donation and 15 tickets for a $20 donation.

For those who can join us that day, please enjoy music from fabulous local accoustical musicians, Kim Archer, Jimmy Winn Live and Kristen Marlo.

This is a benefit to raise money to protect our water and to ensure that people come before profits. We encourage people to be as generous as they can. STW has a goal of placing another initiative on the ballot next year and we need expert legal advice to navigate us through the legal maze. The next water initiative we file, you can be sure that voters will get to vote on it in 2017.


Live Music • Light snacks provided • Fun Door Prizes and a Raffle with Really Cool Stuff
For all of us football fans, stay for the Seahawks/Patriots game that begins at 5:30 PM

Raffle Prizes - need not be present to win (partial list, check back for updates):

Door Prizes - donate $2 for a ticket, 3 tickets for a $5 donation, 7 tickets for a $10 donation and 15 tickets for a $20 donation. (Below is a partial list of cool items to win, check back for updates):

In the public interest and for the sake of democracy, STW needs to overturn Judge Nevin's ruling and seeks a vote on Charter Amendment 5 in 2017. But that is going to take money for court action. You can help make it happen. Let the People Vote!

On July 1, 2016 Pierce County Superior Court Judge Jack Nevin tossed out 17,000 signatures and blocked Water Protection Ordinance 6 and Charter Amendment 5 from reaching the ballot. In a similar case, the Washington State Court of Appeals recently overturned Judge Nevin's ruling that tossed a citizen initiative off the ballot in Olympia. Our Washington State Attorney General, Robert Ferguson, has also filed a complaint against the Port of Tacoma Commissioners declaring their lawsuit on July 1 against Save Tacoma Water to be an illegal use of public funds to use a court to block STW's citizen initiatives. The AG lawsuit piles on the original Citizen Action Letter sent by Arthur West, by adding the charge of misuse of public facilities, an even more egregious offense. More than 10,000 signatures were turned in for Charter Amendment 5 but Judge Nevin's ruling has blocked them from being validated. Right now, STW is in the middle of appealing Judge Nevin's decision. The first brief by STW is due in December, with our opponents' reply due a couple of months later. Attorneys anticipate being in court over this matter in June or July of 2017. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE!#WaterIsLife#YesToProtect


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Send an email to savetacomawater@gmail.com, or call Donna at (253 )209-7988.

Do I have to bring my printed raffle ticket to the event?

It is free to get into the event at the Swiss. Yes bring the ticket because if you are the winner  - the printed raffle ticket is your stub for the drawing on the three raffle items. If you make donation for your raffle ticket on line, please bring the receipt. STW volunteers will have a list of people who donated for a chance at winning a raffle item with the ticket for pick up at the door. If you cannot make the event, and your ticket is a winner a STW volunteer will contact you. Winners do not need to be present to win, but they must fill out the stub on the ticket so a STW volunteer can contact you about winning.

How can I be a sponsor?

Any of our supporters who donate $200 in cash, gift certificates or merchandise can be a sponsor. STW wants to show our opponents, the special interests, that we have support from small businesses. Sponsors will be listed in our on line promotions and on the event program. Anyone or business wishing to help us, please contact Donna at (253) 209-7988.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes. STW is a nonprofit organization not engaged in a political campaign, therefore, we do not have to file PDC reports at this time. So, those of you who may have wanted to donate previously but feared retribution due to disclosure of information with the Public Disclosure Commission, may do so now, as it is anonymous.