Public Hearing Today on Increasing Water Rates

Water Rates Public Hearing today. Still no language provided to make comments on. COT approved minutes last night with minutes from the TPU meeting in December, they read in part: “Power Policy/Residential Rate Design: The residential rate design staff proposal is to put 100 percent of the increase into the customer charge. The rationale is to reduce seasonal bill variability and enhancing financial stability. A rate design study, the objective of which was to determine which rate design will minimize the negative impacts of the proposed rate increase, was conducted.”

Further down in the minutes: “The target rate effective date is April 1, 2017.”

Really? They chose April Fool’s Day?

Every three years, water rates are reviewed. In 2014 the water rate language is in Resolution No. 38876  – “A resolution amending the Water Rate and Financial Policy to facilitate the development of term-limited, market-based wholesale water rates.” In 2014, the rules were amended to take the vote. Wow.

The TPU is sponsoring the Public Hearing this evening on increasing water rates, but the language with the  proposed water rates is not available.

STW wants the 46 words of the Tacoma Municipal Coded 12.10.400 (H) deleted. This section basically provides secret sweetheart deals to large users of fresh water.

With such late notice going out, if people cannot make it, comments are encouraged.

Below is a list of dates for other opportunities to make public comments. If making public comments is not your thing, please consider contacting the TPU commissioners and Tacoma City Council Members.