Remember The Drought From Last Year?


The Cascade Mountain range as seen from the parking lot of Mt. Rainier showing the lack of snow pack last year. Photo by Ron Morrison

Never forget how bad the drought was last year. It can happen again. Save Tacoma Water volunteer Ron Morrison uses this pitch while out collecting signatures, “Do you drink Tacoma Water?”

That pitch is a great way to get attention about our fresh water and how precious it is. It helps catch the attention of  folks walking by and once they learn about the petitions, people readily sign the Water Protection Petitions.

We have just 8 weeks until our deadline – so now is the time to help us make history. Never before has a citizen group attempted to collect signatures on both an ordinance and a charter amendment at the same time. Why do both? We are asked that question frequently and the answer is because the ordinance gets us on the ballot this year and the charter amendment ensures that five votes on the council does not over turn the will of the people. Onward to the ballot!