Petitions have new look

Shout out to our volunteers! We have new petition sheets with a new look. Why? Well, we needed to print more. Plus, it will help us in our signature collecting efforts for the next month and they will prepare voters for a yes vote in November.

Volunteers will no longer have to respond to the question, “We stopped the methanol refinery, why do we need these petitions?”

The citizens of Tacoma and all the rest of the loud voices from around the region can all take a bow for getting Northwest Innovation Works to cancel the project, but remember this quote from the Tacoma News Tribune:

Right now, we no longer have a project in Tacoma,” Godley said by phone.

Save Tacoma Water views the methanol refinery as a wake up call and we take heed from the ominous quote. The words “right now” are the very reason the Water Protection Petitions need to get on the ballot so voters can decide the next time another super huge fresh water user comes knocking at our port. The politicians failed us this time, we won’t let that happen again as we have faith in the public process brought forth by a vote by the people.

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