Linda Fortune Volunteers because it is a “no brainer”


I signed with Tacoma Schools 49 years ago to come and work in one of the finest elementary counseling programs in the state. I was aghast when I first visited the community. Back then, the city was dismal, the politics were corrupt and the port smelled. To be honest, I was depressed thinking “What have I done?”

Slowly over time, with new leadership and public commitment, Tacoma has been on a trajectory of renewal. We have invested millions of tax payer’s dollars in cleaning up our city and port. Our city has become beautiful and healthier.

Coming to understand the toxic air pollution effects of the proposed methanol plant and experiencing the effects of global warming last year with our drought, I knew that I had to do something to help protect our beautiful city, Port, and pristine water supply. Knowing that clean water will be the global issue of this century and knowing that Tacoma’s water supply will be effected by global warming, it was a ‘no brainer.’ Save Tacoma Water provided an avenue to make a meaningful contribution. I want to live in a healthy and clean city that has the needed resources for its people.

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