What’s the difference between Charter Amendment 5 and Tacoma Initiative 6?

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The nothing is that they are identical laws. Tacoma Initiative 6 is an ordinance, and when it’s on the November 2016 ballot and passes by the vote of the people it can’t be repealed by the city council for two years. After that, though, the city council can take unilateral action to undo the people’s will.

Charter Amendment 5 would be a change to our charter, and charter changes can only be done by the vote of the people – either to add something in or take it out. Also, charter amendments can only be on the ballot in odd-numbered years when the people propose the changes.

Our water can’t wait to be protected until 2017, so the ordinance – Tacoma Initiative 6 – is headed to the November 2016 ballot, and if adopted would hold the line until Charter Amendment 5 can be put in place by a vote of the people in November 2017.

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