Mayor Bill Baarsma joins the volunteers collecting signatures


Mayor Baarsma, one of Save Tacoma Water’s endorsers, stands outside Jason Lee Sunday afternoon collecting signatures on the Water Protection Petitions. The line to get into the 27th District Democrat’s meeting was more than three blocks long.  The 27th District D’s are very supportive and volunteers continually were thanked for their time. Many in line took envelopes with petitions inside with the intent of collecting more signatures for Save Tacoma Water.

Another endorser, Sen. Jeannie Darnielle, was there as well and took the time to explain the issue to Rep. Laurie Jinkins, who is seen signing one of the petitions below. Michael Lefreniere, Save Tacoma Water spokesman, is the volunteer getting Rep. Jinkin’s signature.

Kudos to all the STW volunteers who showed up with just a day’s notice to be there. Thank you Mayor Baarsma for knowing there would be tons of people who support the cause and would want to sign at the meeting. We collected lots of signatures! Thanks to all – another good day in a string of good days of petitioning. We are having fun now! If you haven’t joined in the fun yet, call Donna and get involved (253) 209-7988.

Jeannie Laurie Signs Michael