Petition Party

Stop the Methanol Refinery flyer

Citizen Lawmakers

Join our volunteers each Saturday and go out with us to collect signatures – be a citizen lawmaker and help us gain access to the ballot. Each Saturday we will have training sessions for newbies and we will pair up people as it is much more fun to petition with a partner. Each Saturday we have a goal of having 500 signatures turned in during the week. We need 10-20 people each week to join us in collecting signatures to reach our goal for the week. We will have places to go and stories to share each week as we get closer and closer to our goal of 9,000 signatures.

For those who would like updates about the campaign, arrive 30 minutes early as the leadership arrives early to discuss the happenings from the past week.

Saturday not a good day for you? No problem, just give the campaign a call and we will set up a time to meet people in the evenings for training sessions. Call Donna, one of our volunteer coordinators at (253) 209-7988.

Collect signatures any time during the week and get into the habit of turning in whatever you have collected each week so we know if we are meeting our weekly signature goal.

Petition sheets are available for pick-up at one of our locations around the city (all Purified Water To Go stores). Please do not make copies of the petition as it is really expensive to make color copies – we like our blue! Contact the campaign and we will be happy to provide the petitions. If you want a petition mailed to you, just call Donna and it will go out in the mail the same day you call as long as it is before 5:00 PM otherwise your request for petition sheets will be taken care of the next day.

Onward to the ballot!

Below is our current list of locations to pick-up petitions. Want to be added to the list? Please call Donna at (253) 209-7988.

All open on Saturdays – call for hours

Lincoln Hardware
3726 S G St • Tacoma (253) 472-1425
Purified Water To Go
5401 Sixth Ave K807 • Tacoma • Kathy (253) 752-1700
Tacoma Lamp Repair & Sales
1524 Tacoma Ave S • Tacoma • Sherry (253-640-1799)

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