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Attorney General Bob McKenna filed a lawsuit against the Port of Tacoma, Pierce County Chamber of Commerce and the Pierce County Economic Development Board for using public funds and facilities against the Water Protection Petition – a citizen initiative sponsored by Save Tacoma Water

Attorney General's Complaint

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a campaign-finance complaint Monday, August 15, 2016, against the Port of Tacoma officials, et al – responding to a Citizen Action letter filed by Olympia resident and long time activist Arthur West. In 20 days the defendants must respond.

Save Tacoma Water (STW) has hired attorney, Mike Misner to ensure Save Tacoma Water’s interests are represented in the AG’s lawsuit. Please support our legal defense fund by writing a check to STW or making a secure online donation.

“Washington’s campaign disclosure laws demand transparency and accountability,” Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. “Washington elections, including the financial forces that drive them, will take place in the clear light of day.”

Arthur West files Citizen Action Letter with the PDC and the AG

Arthur West

Arthur West’s letter claimed public funds (Pierce County taxpayers), were being illegally used in the expenditures for the Port’s lawsuit against STW. On July 1, 2016, Judge Nevin tossed off the ballot the voters right to vote on whether a water permit should be issued to a water user needing more than a million gallons of fresh water a day. The AG complaint “piles on”, as it is known in the legal world (where charges are added to the original complaint) – adding the charge of use public facilities, which is a more serious offense. What is noteworthy is, the AG’s lawsuit names the Port of Tacoma Commissioners personally. Now the shoe is on the other foot as the Port’s lawsuit against STW personally named Donna Waters and Sherry Bockwinkel plus Jon and Jane Does 1-5 – in the power brokers attempt to intimidate all the leaders of the volunteer citizen group. A court date has not yet been set and no response as of this update on Labor Day, 2016.



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